26 October 2020 



 “The ends justifies the means” 

In The Diplomat of Florence, the new novel by Anthony R Wildman, he tells the story  of the 16th century man who first expressed this idea – Niccolò Machiavelli.  

In 1513, on a little farm just outside Florence, the washed-up former diplomat sat  down to write a kind of job application to the new Medici rulers of the city. In it, he  tried to distil all of the experience he had acquired in fifteen years of diplomatic  manoeuvring against the feared warlord Cesare Borgia.  

Machiavelli’s letter eventually became one of the most famous books of political  philosophy ever published: The Prince. It was so shocking to his contemporaries that  the book was banned by the Church for its supposed immorality. 

But how did this man, well read but otherwise undistinguished, come to produce  such a profoundly important work? The Diplomat of Florence tells how the young  Niccolò Machiavelli rose from obscurity to become his city’s leading diplomat, how  he fought a long duel against the ambitions of the Borgias, and how in the end he  fell from power.  

Along the way, Niccolò has to deal with a military mutiny, try to influence the king of  France and his formidable advisers, and ward off political treats to his position at  home. Fortunately he has help, in the form of his friends Biagio, Agostino, and a  painter named Leonardo da Vinci. 


Publisher: Plutus Publishing, Melbourne, Australia 

Formats: Paperback & eBook from Amazon 

Retail: $27.00 paperback (approximate based on delivery to Melbourne) eBook: $8.22 order 

Distributed: to local bookshops via IngramSpark 

ISBN: 978-0-6489454-1-3 


Facebook: AnthonyRWildmanAuthor 



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