The first novel I ever read was a book called The Eagle of the Ninth, by Rosemary Sutcliff, telling the story of a young British-Roman soldier’s quest to recover the lost standard of his father’s legion, and with it his own honour. I must have been nine or ten when I first read it, and it was the start of a lifelong fascination with history and historical fiction (and it’s still a very good read today, all these years later).

Life took me along many other paths, but when I decided to retire from all that, it seemed somehow entirely natural that I should take up writing historical novels for my new vocation. And so here I am, having fun producing (I hope) the kind of historical novels that I have always loved – based firmly in fact, but exploring the mysterious gaps that the past leaves in between.

So far, I have published three books: two novels and, most recently, a memoir. Click on the images below to go directly to the book’s page on Amazon, where they have all been published both in paperback and kindle formats. Or click on the Books tab above if you want to know a bit more about each book, as well as the other places where they can be purchased.

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Now, this is REALLY important:

I am a self-published author, which has lots of pluses and minuses. One of the minuses is that I don’t have the resources of a big publishing house behind me to market my books, so I need all the help I can get to spread the word about my work.

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